How to Treat Lower Back Pain Effectively

Over 90% of the population has experienced lower back pain once in their lives. This pain has no cause and occurs for no reason. Back pain can affect your life quality when left untreated, and its symptoms range from mild to severe.

Low back pain is associated with the normal wear and tear in the joints and injuries due to muscle strains. It is advisable to contact a Professional Gonstead Chiropractor to treat this condition permanently.

This article will discuss how to treat lower back pain.

1. Have a Healthy Weight

The correct weight prevents your lower back from unnecessary strains since excess weight stresses the spine.
It will help to have a balanced diet consisting of the following nutrients;

  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium

Frequent exercising strengthens your muscles and keeps joints flexible. Kindly shun having a sedimentary lifestyle since it puts you at more risk of experiencing this pain.

2. Have a Proper Posture

It is advisable to observe excellent body mechanics while standing, lifting, and sitting to prevent lower back pain. Kindly consider the following things when;

  • Sitting- ensure you bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor. Also, buy suitable chairs with right armrests and lower back support.
  • Standing- try keeping your shoulders back and back straight and rest one foot if you will stand for a long time.
  • Lifting- bend the knees only and not the back.
  • Sleeping- it will help to sleep sideways while bending your knees. You will also have a better sleeping posture by placing a pillow beneath your knees.

3. Have Hot and Cold Therapies

Ice application reduces inflammation, hence relaxing your muscles. It is advisable to apply ice 48 hours after your first symptoms. Ensure you wrap this ice in a cold pack to avoid skin injuries.

However, you should only apply heat three days after the inflammation subsides. Also, make sure you wrap the heat pack before you apply.

4. Get Adequate Sleep

A study has proven that sleep disturbances worsen back painsand how much patients can tolerate this pain. Adults are advised to get at least eight hours of sleep and incorporate proper back alignment to shun this pain.

Also, make sure you use a supportive pillow to ensure the neck and back are in a straight line. It is advisable to put an additional pillow between your knees if you sleep on your side. Sleep disorders are treatable, and you should contact your doctor if the problem keeps persisting.

5. Avoid Stress

Stress triggers painful spasms and muscle tensions that increase lower back pain. You can try the following stress-management techniques if you have trouble handling stress;

Final Thoughts

Lower back pain is a common condition that is treatable using certain medications. This condition occurs naturally and goes away in no time. The above article has discussed how to treat lower back pain, and you can contact us at Manhattan Gonstead for more information.

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